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Our spiritual paths cross and your divination journey has found momentum. The World Divination Association is a family of international diviners, teaching, testing and certifying readers and diviners since 2014.

Study your system with readers who have studied, researched and practiced their systems for over 20 years! World class teachers who have formulated simple steps to get you to your own level of predictive accuracy. Couple this with Spiritual and Esoteric courses, you have a spiritual family waiting for you.​ Whether you read Lenormand, Gypsy Cards, Petit Etteilla, Kipper, Skat Cards, La Vera Sibilla, Playing Cards, Tarot or are a keen Charm caster - you have found your crowd!​ Maybe you just wish to find your route on your spiritual journey, we are here to help!

Become a member and join the Private Group of the World Divination Association Diviners and share your love of your system. Our members span the globe and share reads and findings on a daily basis.

Lenormand Summit 2023

Level - up your Lenormand reads and devote a weekend to celebrate the very best of the system! Each speaker and session is designed to highlight the techniques and reading methods used by professionals. Both traditional and modern readers unite to bring you every combination of technique available to you - learn tips and tricks from our international speakers to employ in your divination tool belt and most importantly ... discover which reading styles work best for you! The World Divination Association has gathered the very best of the Lenormand community together for one weekend to slash all your Lenormand woes and to celebrate all things Lenormand!

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Our Courses

WDA Courses are designed to walk you through step by step and include Video & Downloadable Content to follow. If you join our groups on Facebook you can find the support of the WDA Endorsed Readers!