Traditional Lenormand

level 2 - advanced
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Live course: 1 May 23

Step back in time to the 18th Century and entertain your friends and clients with a predictively accurate Lenormand narrative.

Visiting the traditions of Lenormand starting with the Game of Hope techniques (ca.1799) and adding the Method of Distance (19th century) in order to combine the two most effective traditional ways of reading Lenormand.

Lenormand does not have to be a chore, language needn't be a barrier, anyone who wishes to become a proficient Lenormand reader will find this course the perfect combination of techniques and reader intuition. Don't wonder if you have hit the nail on the head, know your system and you will never worry again!

Join Toni, Founder of the World Divination Association and Author of the Lustrous Lenormand Book in this one of a kind LIVE course that will make your reading life easy!

Live Course

Traditional Lenormand Level 2 is a live course running on week commencing 1st May 2023. 5 lessons over 5 days! All sessions are recorded and uploaded to this home study platform for your future reference.

NOTE: If you would like to attend the LIVE sessions you will need to have a Facebook Account.

Lesson 1

The Game of Hope

How to incorporate the traditional Lenormand Game of Hope meanings and interpretation into your practice. An understanding of the Game of Hope meanings affords quick and easy interpretation!

Lesson 2

The Method of Distance

The Method of Distance techniques afford the reader quick glance analysis of the major themes presenting. Understand the Method of Distance and you will always understand the direction of the read.

Lesson 3

GoH & MoD in Small Spreads

Learn how to build a narrative combining the Game of Hope and Method of Distance in small spreads. Add depth to interpretation by understanding the story presenting.

Lesson 4

Mixing Traditional Lenormand Techniques

Many techniques have been passed down through generations of Lenormand readers, learn an array to apply to your Lenormand reading!

Lesson 5

The Ultimate Tableau

The ultimate tableau refers to the use of both Game of Hope and Method of Distance techniques, together with additional movements in order to complete a full client read.

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