We pride ourselves on our certifications, we are the only organisation worldwide that offers a comprehensive study of traditional methods plus mentoring and feedback every step of the way. World Divination Endorsement means you are tried and tested to the highest standard and by experts in their field. Carrying the World Divination Endorsed Reader Status is what separates our readers from the rest. Our certification is a symbol of excellence in the world of divination and readers can be proud of their achievements and certification.

The Endorsed Reader Program is not an easy path and should not be entered into lightly, it is a testing process that has been developed to ensure a Querent can put their faith and money in a readers pocket - a high standard of predictive accuracy is expected using the science of your chosen system.​ 

If you are an experienced reader and want to know how to become endorsed please email [email protected]

Our Endorsed Readers have successfully navigated their journey into professional reading businesses, teaching and of course mentorship.