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Lenormand Endorsement

This 15 week course teaches the art of the predictive Lenormand read, with spreads up to 36 Cards. Each student attending will be closely mentored throughout the journey to ensure predictive accuracy is achieved. An intensive course that will cover all the techniques you need to ensure you are hitting your predictive accuracy goals.

The course is designed to walk through Bronze, Silver and Gold Endorsement teaching a range of techniques (detailed below).

Lenormand endorsement and certification with the World Divination Association is renowned for its in depth analysis of the system and creates the perfect foundation for reading as a professional. Every reader will learn the fundamentals of the Lenormand deck and the EASIEST way to complete a predictive read. Each lesson is carefully planned to build upon the student’s knowledge of Lenormand meanings and contains a new technique at every step. Building Lenormand knowledge with meanings plus techniques enables the reader to confidently predict the future from start to finish. We are the only organization to teach the indepth techniques of Traditional Lenormand Tableau reading.

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Beginners + Advanced

15 Weeks

15 Video Lessons on Le Petit Lenormand Techniques from Beginner through to Advanced Gold Endorsement tableau reads.

Every step we walk hand in hand to ensure you have THE BEST Lenormand predictive accuracy.

A lot can happen in 15 weeks :)

What is expected of you?

Video Lessons completed

10 Bronze Reads submitted

10 Silver Reads submitted

1 Gold Read submitted

Note: Each read will be assessed by your teacher to ensure understanding and correct applications of techniques taught, the final Gold read is at Professional reader standard and a 2500 word submission of a year ahead!

Upon successful completion of the coursework you will receive:

Bronze Endorsement Certificate & Logo

Silver Endorsement Certificate & Logo

Gold Endorsement Certificate & Logo

Lesson 1

Introduction to Lenormand + Lenormand Meanings

The fundamental Le Petit Lenormand basics and reading techniques to begin practising predictive accuracy now!

Lesson 2

The Lenormand Language

Using narrative, description and focus to develop your Lenormand reading style. Techniques to begin reading accurately and without doubt.

Lesson 3

The Lenormand Language - People Focus

In this lesson you will learn the language of the Lenormand system and how to navigate small spreads with fluidity. A focus on the significators.

Lesson 4

The Lenormand Box - 9 Card Spreads

We will be using the simplified box and the advanced box during this session. Navigate the box spread with ease and accuracy.

Lesson 5

The Lenormand Interactions

The Lenormand Deck is adept at providing information in vertical and horizontal influences, learn how to apply placement to ease your read.

Lesson 6

Lenormand Spreads

A deep dive into the plethora of Lenormand spreads available to you! From the House of Fate to the Mini Tableau!

Lesson 7

Lenormand Levels

Using the "levels" technique with Lenormand to assess probability, financial reports and timing.

Lesson 8

The Lenormand GT - Houses

Moving into the realms of the Lenormand GT we will do a deep dive into the houses and how you can best employ house techniques.

Lesson 9

The Lenormand GT - Significators

It is time to dig deep into the Lenormand GT system with advanced Significator positions and techniques.

Lesson 10

The Lenormand GT - The Line of Sight.

Arguably the most important step in a Lenormand GT, learn how to predict actual events and happenings using the Line of Sight.

Lesson 11

The Lenormand GT - The Master Method

The Master Method is a unique view of the houses in quite a fatalistic approach to "old style" Lenormand reading.

Lesson 12

The Lenormand GT - Method of Distance

How to employ the Method of Distance into every GT and understand what life themes are presenting during the timescale.

Lesson 13

The Lenormand GT - The Game of Hope

Learn how you can use Game of Hope techniques in your Lenormand GT. A fun and entertaining method of telling the tale of the querent's life.

Lesson 14

The Lenormand GT - Cartomantic Techniques

How to employ cartomantic techniques in a Lenormand GT. From Knighting and Counting to Mirroring and Diagonals - know your stuff!

Lesson 15

The Lenormand GT - Timing

Nail those predictive reads by adding timings to your tool belt. A final run through before examination!

Lesson 16

Scrying the Lenormand GT

The crown jewel as a reader is to be able to apply your inate gifts to your Lenormand GT - learn how to scry the GT with accuracy.

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