Traditional Kipper Cards

from scratch

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced reader who is not sold on their Kipper Card interpretation ... this is the course for you!

The Traditional Kipper techniques taught within this class will take you back to the salons of the 19th & early 20th Century. Each lesson incorporating the Bavarian Kipper Reading Method techniques into spreads from 3 cards up to 36 cards.

The traditional methods of Kipper Cards make interpreting the deck fun and super easy to use! Don't question your interpretation any further, these simple steps will make sure you KNOW the answer before you have even finished laying!

Join Toni, Founder of the World Divination Association and Author of the The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Cards and delve into the original way of reading Kipper!

Live Course

Traditional Kipper is a live course running on week commencing 20th March 2023. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to this home study platform for your future reference.

NOTE: If you would like to attend the LIVE sessions you will need to have a Facebook Account.

Lesson 1

The Traditional Kipper Meanings

How to incorporate the traditional Kipper meanings into your practice. An understanding of the Bavarian Reading Method meanings affords quick and easy interpretation!

Lesson 2

The Kipper Deck

The movement cards are imperative for a free flowing narrative. Learn the movements within the deck and traditional Kipper reading techniques with 3 - 9 cards.

Lesson 3

The Kipper Narrative

Traditional Kipper reads are founded on a storytelling narrative built by your cards. Learn how to tell the story of life with a 9 card box spread.

Lesson 4

The Kipper Glue

The connector cards within the Kipper deck extend storylines and confirm interpretations, get ready for the 9 card box with added free flow additions - a must for the Kipper reader!

Lesson 5

The Kipper Tableau

The 36 card Grand Tableau is the perfect start to your traditional Kipper reading! Don't be put off by the size, learn the fundamentals of the deck with your Kipper card tableau!

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