Predictive Tarot

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The art of predictive tarot reading affords the querent a "wow factor" reading. They will walk away from your table with no confusion as to what their future holds. From events and experiences through to timing and pinpointing narrative, you will be able to clearly predict the future. Step out of your comfortzone of "safe" readings and step into the practical application of your tarot deck.

Enjoy the ability to predict clear events and be prepared for reviews such as "wow what a reader, everything they said came true!".

Stop with the psychological, emotional and coaching sessions, start with a clear predictive timeline for your querent! The year ahead will never be so clear as when you use these simple techniques!

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The lost art of predictive reads

Return to days gone by and enjoy a storytelling narrative with your Tarot deck. Become the fortune teller that predicts life events and happenings. Allow your querent clarity of the year ahead and never doubt your interpretations again!

This course will enable the reader to perform a predictively accurate interpretation, using the Tarot deck in all its predictive glory.

Lesson 1

The Predictive Deck

Understanding the basics of the predictive deck, the level of read and how to merge your Tarot deck into the narrative of your querent's life.

Lesson 2

The Predictive Language of Tarot

Learn the predictive language of the Tarot deck, begin weaving life events and detail into your reads. Start predicting now!

Lesson 3

Predictive Techniques

There are a multitude of techniques available for predictive reads, learn and employ to forecast with clarity.

Lesson 4

Forging Timelines

The Tarot deck consists of movement cards and directional cues that afford the reader a fluid interpretation of timelines. Analyse how long a situation will last!

Lesson 5

Predictive Timing

Employ timing techniques into your daily practice and nail those dates for a situation occurring! What will happen and WHEN?

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