Natural Magic

Start Date: 6th February 2023 ★

Natural magic utilises the power of nature, elements and materials. Delve into understanding the four elements as well of spirits of nature. Learn how to cast spells using the power of natural magic without needing to call upon the assistance of deities etc.

This course will run LIVE week commencing 6th February 2023 and will be available on home study platform afterwards for lifetime access to the course and materials. 

This is the ideal course for anyone looking to harness the natural powers around us all and become more knowledgeable, confident and proficient at Natural magic. Understand the world and yourself in a whole new way as you open to the immense power of Natural magic.

Join Jane LIVE (all sessions recorded) and harness the natural world to perform MAGIC!

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Lesson 1

What is natural magic and what are its uses?

Understand natural magic,its uses and how to prepare yourself to work with this energy through different mediums

Lesson 2

The four elements, tree and nature spirits

Understand the elements, their associated powers as well as tree and nature spirits (elementals).

Lesson 3

How to cast spells and timing

Learn spellcasting principles and techniques, understand timing and different timings such as seasonal and planetary timing

Lesson 4

Candle and herb magic

Learn how to integrate candles and herbs to aid your magical practices.

Lesson 5

Talisman, amulets and poppets

Learn how to create talismans, amulets and poppets to use in magic.