The art of scrying has been used for thousands of years to predict the future and guide the scryer through life. The scryer uses different mediums to prophecize or seek guidance using the symbols seen and then interpreting as an answer. In this course you will learn in bite size pieces how to use different mediums as a basis for scrying. You will also receive a list of possible symbols and their meanings to refer to when divining.

In addition to learning scrying techniques you will also learn how to scry with different mediums:






Crystal Balls




Scrying as a Divination Technique

Living in the 21st Century often means living in a world of technological advancement, the abundance of to-dos and so many people wanting a piece of our time and energy. This does not mean we cannot use the techniques of our ancestors and even modern technology leads to a multitude of scrying techniques! In this course you will learn how to answer ANY question by using your environment in every day life!

Lesson 1

A comprehensive and detailed look into the symbols that we can interpret. You will not need to wonder what the signs are telling you any longer!

Lesson 2

Start scrying right away, using techniques with Candles & Clouds to begin interpreting the messages of the universe!

Lesson 3

Fire and Smoke are perhaps the most powerful tool when scrying, not only can you burn away intentions, you can use the smoke in the process!

Lesson 4

Scrying Mirrors and crystal balls are used by generations of fortune tellers, learn the techniques you need to see the future with your medium.

Lesson 5

Wax and water scrying are incredible tools for interpreting predictive outcomes and the emotional landscape of a situation.


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