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Toni Puhle, aka The Card Geek on Social Media and Founder of the World Divination Association invites you into the world of mediumship.

"Mediumship has always been a huge portion of my life, I worked on my mediumship abilities before becoming a professional reader. From working with members of Spiritualist churches through to living in a spiritual practice and learning many techniques that can make the life of a medium much easier! Speaking with and channelling spirit in different ways including trance speaking has always been my passion ". Toni Puhle (Savory)

Jane Matthews, Founder of the World Spiritual Association is a natural medium and has first hand experience of passing into the light. Her abilities to communicate with spirit have multiplied rapidly on the spiritual roller coaster that is a spiritual journey.

Course Start Date: 5th July 2022

Full Price 199$

Mediumship Intensive Course

The Mediumship Level 2 Intensive course is designed to offer a tailor-made development coupled with rapid growth. The twelve weeks include 9 Lessons + 3 Mediumship Circles using Google Meet where we invite spirit into our circle in order to learn how to experience and communicate with spirit in a safe environment. Lessons will be LIVE and released at the beginning of the week, the LIVE mediumship circle will be held on a Sunday at 18:00 London. At every step of the course we will be working on YOU and YOUR abilities to ensure you find the quickest way to progress in your mediumship. All aspects of being a medium will be discussed from protection through to cleansing and even how to become a professional medium.

Week 1 - Control Your Energies

Releasing karmic ties and being in control of your energies and those around you will immediately create the perfect atmosphere for mediumship and psychic abilities.

Week 2 - The 12 Steps

12 steps to walk you direct into the spirit realms. Using the release mechanisms to heighten your mediumship awareness of spirit around.

Week 3 - Soul Retrieval

We lose a little piece of us over the years and many lifetimes, it is time to take back your energies and become a whole you!

Week 4 - Mediumship Circle

Using the techniques learned from the lesson and exercises in weeks 1-3, we will open our circle to spirit and practice the art of speaking the words of spirit in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

Week 5 - Past Life Regression

You will be walked hand in hand through past lives to discover more about yourself and your abilities. The group will meet virtually and be led through into Past Life Regression.

Week 6 - Spirit Release

In this lesson we will learn the most effective means to understand when the spirit around you need help to move forward. Working from messages through to release.

Week 7 - Akashic Records

Knowing what is in the Akashic Records enables a medium to access information for their own highest good and that of their clients. Understand what you need to work on now!

Week 8 - Mediumship Circle

We will open the circle and invite spirit to enter. Each student will have the opportunity to speak with spirit and learn more information on how they can aid your journey.

Week 9 - Remote Viewing

Remote viewing allows the medium to access another level of messages for their clients. It is a sure fire way to enter the world of spirit and decode messages in the super conscious.

Week 10 - Astral Travel

The ultimate release of your spirit into the universe, completely allowing freedom to the spirit you and gathering information as you fly. Aids mediumship in allowing trance whilst sleeping.

Week 11 - Mediumship Meet

A final meet up to discuss your mediumship journey and gain an insight into how you can dive into your mediumship abilities without hinderance. We will discuss your journey in group format.

Week 12 - Final Circle

We will open the circle and invite spirit to enter. We will communicate and gather messages on our final meet up. We will practice techniques learned on Mediumship Level 2.

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