Lenormand Summit 2024

22nd June 2023 - 24th June 2023


48 hours of Lenormand Magic!

Level - up your Lenormand reads and devote a weekend to celebrate the very best of the system! Each speaker and session is designed to highlight the techniques and reading methods used by professionals. Both traditional and modern readers unite to bring you every combination of technique available to you - learn tips and tricks from our international speakers to employ in your divination tool belt and most importantly ... discover which reading styles work best for you! World Divination has gathered the very best of the Lenormand community together for one weekend to slash all your Lenormand woes and to celebrate all things Lenormand!

Rana George - Discovering Psychology with Lenormand

Join Rana George and learn how to navigate the psychological aspects of the Lenormand Deck!

Subjects to be finalised - Current confirmed sessions:

  • Lenormand Method of Distance Techniques
  • Lenormand Game of Hope Techniques
  • Game of Hope Techniques
  • Discovering Psychology with Lenormand
  • Lenormand Themes
  • Who is who?
  • Unlocking Lenormand Truths
  • The Polaroid Spread
  • Astrology & Lenormand
  • In walks Belline
  • The GT ... but different!
  • The Ghastly Lenormand from the Grave
  • Scrying & Mediumship with Lenormand
  • Lenormand & The Four Selves

Sponsor 2024

22nd June 2023 - 23rd June 2023

We are proudly sponsored by La Panthere Studio


La Panthère Studio is mystical indie publishing house specializing in oracle, tarot and playing cards. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, we create beautiful and magical products while ensuring that all our artists and authors get paid fairly. We strive to create inclusive, thoughtful, and well-written products that readers can enjoy for a lifetime and beyond. Currently our publishing focus centers around Southern magic, ancestor work, tarot, oracle and shadow work.

Meet The Spekers

Do you want to learn a little more about our speakers and what they have to offer the Lenormand world? Click on the image or below and read a personal note on each of these wonderful people, how they entered our lives and a little on what they mean to us!


Tickets Explained

We offer two options of attendance, the basic Tier 1 includes access to all lessons for 3 days, you will experience the whole weekend live and enjoy the giveaways and community building fun.

Level - up! If you would like to have unlimited access then Tier 2 is for you - take a look at the perks for each Tier and see which fits your requirements the most!

Tier 1

TIER 1 - $49

Attendance at the WDA Lenormand Summit on the 22nd & 23rd June.

Access to all the LIVE sessions.

Access to the recordings for 3 days after the conference.

Downloadable content from the speakers.

Interactive community building activities


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 2 - $199

The Commemorative 2023 Lenormand Summit Deck

Attendance at the WDA Lenormand Summit on the 22nd & 23rd June.

Access to all the LIVE sessions.

LIFETIME Access to the recordings.

Downloadable content from the speakers.

Interactive community building activities


Pre Conference Access on the 20th June - Opening Live Special & Mingle & Prepare



After Party - Hang out and FREE reads with some of the Guest Speakers on Friday 28th June.

Tier 2

The Lenormand Summit weekend is a fun and interactive learning environment. It is hosted within a Facebook Group and each of the speakers "go LIVE" so that you can catch the lessons at the moment of teaching! You can also interact with all the teachers on the LIVES in real time - get their feedback on your Lenormand reads and woes - stop being confused - learn some real life Lenormand techniques that can enhance your reading ability AND spend time with your favourite teachers!

NOTE: A Facebook account is required to join!

Why we use Facebook... After years of attending stale online zoom and google meet conferences we have found the Facebook environment to be the most fun environment to host conferences! You are not alone watching ... you can see the real time comments of all viewers and interact with fun and games within the same group - everything is EASY and everything is ENJOYABLE - exactly what a learning environment should be! We are not fans of boring conferences .... so expect an injection of humour as you enjoy :)

If you purchase Tier 2 you will be added to the group BEFORE the conference begins and enjoy some time withe the teachers and speakers - put forth your questions that you would like answering over the weekend and get the most out of the experience.

If you purchase Tier 1 you will be added to the group on the morning of the 22nd June - don't worry you won't miss the lives - we will have you in before we begin. You will also leave the group 3 days after the last live.

If your Facebook name differs from the one you use on this website, please send an email to [email protected]