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23rd April 2022

We simply LOVE divination and our systems of choice! Why not join us to find out why you should be using these systems in your reads and exactly HOW to start reading them today! Whether you are a complete newbie or advanced and looking for some techniques and tricks, you will find a love of systems that is incomparable!


We will answer all your questions and help you find your PERFECT divination system to match your reading style!

In addition every attendee will gain:

★ A certificate of completion

★ The ability to read TODAY

★ Predictive guidance

★ Clarity on system techniques

How does it work?

The Live course will take place on the 23rd April 2022 in our Facebook Group. Each speaker will go live at the time shown in the schedule. Each session will be recorded, do not worry if you cannot be on the live session. If you do attend the live sessions, you will be able to ask ANY questions you may have on the system being taught!

After the 23rd April, the lessons will be uploaded to this platform where you can keep for eternity! You will be able to work through in your own time should you not be able to attend live.

Finally, when you have completed every session, you will be issued with a World Divination Association certificate.

Toni Savory

Founder, World Divination Association

Toni will be teaching you the quickest and sure fire methods to begin reading with Lenormand, Kipper Cards, Gypsy Cards and if requested, Skat cards! Learn just how easy it is to start with these systems!

Jane Matthews

Director, World Divination Association

Jane is a Master Runes Reader and shares with you her tips and tricks to work with your runes set. Don't over complicate it, Jane will show you just how simple rune reading can be!

Maria Alviz Hernando

Director, World Divination Association

Maria simplifies the art of reading Tarot and shares her go to methods of teaching students how to start reading on day 1! You will be reading a tableau in no time!

Brant Williams

The Warlock at Daytona

Brant has the ability to ease students into reading before they have even noticed! Brant will share his techniques and also how to start on your witchcraft path!

Karin Dalton-Smith

Tea with Karin (TM)

Karin shares her love of tea cards and her multiple oracle systems. Find out how you can pick up a deck and start reading it today - with an array of divination products to help!

Marco Felgueiras

Undoubtedly THE most eloquent Tarot de Marseille reader around, Marco eases you into the TdM system with simple information that really makes a difference - you will ditch the RWS for sure!

Jen Sankey

Stardust Wanderer Tarot

Jen will walk you through how to manifest your best future using only the Tarot Major Arcana! Tips and tricks that even beginner Tarot readers can utilise now!

Linda Mendonsa

Astrology Learners

Have you always wanted to read your own Astrological Chart? Linda will share tips on how to get started with your chart and begin interpreting now!

Free Content!

23 April 2022

All sessions will run LIVE in the World Divination Association Facebook Group. Enjoy 30-50 minutes with your favourite teachers!

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