Join Jane & Learn the Art of Binds

Learn how to understand the energies of different systems and create magic / binds using their specific qualities

During this 3 hour course spread out over one day, each and every person will be taken step by step through Runes, Ogham, Tarot and Lenormand as well as magic squares and themes, learning how to create binds for anything and everything and utilising cards as a manifestation tool to enhance your practice and confidence.



The Bind Workshop will run live on Saturday 22nd April 2023. All sessions will be recorded for future viewing.


A private Facebook group will be opened for students. Private access for attendees.

How long?

Each workshop will be 45 minutes instruction, 3 workshops in total stretched over the afternoon (London time) and morning (NYC time).

Workshop 1

Understand, learn to create binds using the elder futhark runes and Ogham fews, including life area specific which can be used for anyone, anytime.

Workshop 2

Expand upon your catomantic knowledge and learn how to integrate them to harness their energy and create binds.

Workshop 3

Learn specific magic squares and how to apply with runic and cartomantic binds. Understand what a magic square is and how to create them. Bring an extra level of abundance to your bind using this technique

Example Curriculum

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