True Crime Addictions!

Are you fascinated with True Crime solutions? Really understanding how the detective teams work in unison to uncover evidence? Have you always wanted to assist with investigations and help solve the most terrible crimes in our society? Divination is an amazing tool to gain an insight into missing people cases and the motives and intentions behind every crime. Armed with our unbiased information from the cards we can begin to solve the unsolvable for ourselves. Maria is a True Crime junkie, laying the cards whilst learning more about what happened and where the missing may lie. This course delves into investigation with Tarot and how we can decipher the issues the investigators faced. Join Maria and bring along the cases that really interest you.

This is an advanced class, students should have fluent ability to read the Tarot Tableau.

Course Content

This course will run live in a Facebook group in Novemeber 2022. After which it will be available for home study on this platform.

It is important that you are proficient with the Tarot Tableau to take this advanced course. Techniques will be based around knowledge Tableau reading.

Lesson 1

Dead or Alive?

Use the Tarot Tableau to understand what happened to the victim, distinguishing between crime sets from kidnapping to murder. Describe the crime as it happened and don't miss any detail!

Lesson 2


Where is the victim? Describe the location of the crime or where the victim is now. Understanding the cards to explain location and terrain. Use the Tarot Tableau as a map to explain locations.

Lesson 3


Aid a leading investigator to locate the victim, using the Tarot Tableau to follow a course of action in order to find evidence or find the victim themselves. Narrative clarity when navigating crime.

Lesson 4


It is important whilst investigating to consider the evidence received to date versus that which is needed. We will use the Tarot Tableau to extract what evidence is required to move the case forward.

Lesson 5

The Culprit(s)

In this lesson we will walk through a description of the culprit(s), their motives and intentions and even how the prosecution will occur. You can determine how they will be caught and what possible steps could ease the process!

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