Lenormand Masterclass

Join Toni Savory on this one of a kind day of Lenormand Masterclass. Learning in a series of LIVE sessions how to read the most difficult of situations within the Lenormand System. Knowing when a situation will prove difficult for your querent, how to determine levels of challenge and accurately predict the struggles in life, from ill health, death to cheating and bad conduct (on both the querent's side and the partner's). Don't be confused or unsure as to the outcome, navigate the read in a professional and comforting manner. There are times at which your sitter will need some hard hitting advice, this course will walk you through how to deal with these situations and how to leave your querent feeling empowered and ready for their lives ahead. This is a 100% Grand Tableau course - if you are not confident with your Grand Tableau reads, refresh before the sessions go live!

Life Struggles

We all have struggles in life, we all experience the moments at which we do not know which way to turn. The cards never lie and are a solid system of advice and navigation at all times. This course will empower the reader to be able to read for their own situations succinctly and without fear and also provide a solid foundation for reading for clients.

Live sessions will run on the 26 March, they will be recorded and you will have lifetime access through this platform. If you attend the live course on the 26th March you will also have access to a Facebook Group for practice with Toni during the week following.


The most feared of all predictions, learn how to KNOW whether the coffin card is signalling death. Take the mystery out of the coffin card and understand what signifiers are needed, what placements must be shown, in order to give an interpretation of death.


Not all betrayals seen within the spread are a cheating partner, this lesson will walk you through the mix of cards needed to confirm, without a doubt, that infidelity is occurring and what the cards are really speaking of when cheating is not in the picture. What evidence do you need?


How to recognise illness within a spread. Determine the length of illness, the severity thereof and how it will impact the querent's life. A wealth of cards are needed to substantiate illness within the Lenormand GT - learn how to spot the issues ahead!


In this Lesson we will discuss how to deliver the message when it is not an easy interpretation to give. Understand what should be said, what should be avoided and how to relay the hardest of reads successfully.


The role of a reader is to aid your querent in the navigation of difficult situations. Enable the finding of direction and lessen the anxiety within their lives. In this lesson you will learn techniques on how to turn a read around to empower your querent in their lives.

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