Kipper Myths Busted

Join Toni Puhle on this one of a kind, pop up Kipper PRO course that is tailor made to suit the reader's need and catapult your reads into new territories. Are you stuck in the same cycle of interpretations? Always feel your reads are two dimensional? I see and assess readings from readers just like you on a daily basis - it is time to kick off those habits that are holding you back and submit yourself to the future reader within.

This is a one-off pop-up Kipper Training Camp.


4 x Workshop Recordings

4 x Handouts

95% of readers do not get to the final step of interpretation! Get out of your keyword reads and predict the future.


Bust your blockages

We will get down to the basics of what is holding you back being confident with your Kipper abilities and accurately predicting. Four workshops made with the reader in mind, whether you have just started your path, or are struggling to put your toe into professional reading life - this is the perfect opportunity to be the best reader you can possibly be. Remove all of your doubts and get to the bottom of your Kipper interpretations!


Stop Fighting!

Workshop 1 - Identifies the blockages that we have when interpreting Kipper. Tutoring Kipper Readers around the globe, I have seen every false step taken that has in turn created a blockage for the reader. Let us identify them and stop fighting with ourselves!

Start Listening!

Workshop 2 - Designed to enable the reader to fluently and fluidly interpret every theme known - how to spot a theme in a read by listening to the most important influences. Open yourself to more possibilities of Kipper interactions.

Have Fun!

Workshop 3 - You want to be the best reader available for your clientele? It is time to become a reading ninja and conquer the art of the two second analysis. Heading back to the roots of reading and the love of your system. We will work on the fun factor within your reads that will wow.

Being a Pro KIPPER Reader

Workshop 4 - Whether you are reading for money or just for friends, knowing exactly what is expected of you from your clients is a must! We will run through the most effective spreads and questions to get you through the sitting with flair! A tailor made reading run down on the steps to take with your clients for maximum effect. How much to charge, how much to say, how long to offer, how many words in a distance document read? What or how do you start being a professional reader, what websites are the best, what should you charge, how many cards should you lay and more!

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