Ambassador Introduction


Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ambassador for World Divination Association!

What does becoming an Ambassador entail?

Signing up as an Ambassador for World Divination Association means that you're interested in sharing your experience with others and spreading the word about what you have gained by our courses and groups, as a thank you, you will receive 15% commission rate every-time someone signs up to the course through your personal affiliate link. What does it mean to be an Ambassador? You will share the WDA courses with pride, using your own affiliate links.

Note: Affiliate links will not be shared in World Divination Association owned groups - Ambassadors share within their own network!

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is your own personalized link that will track those who sign up to World Divination Association after clicking on your link. The affiliate link ensures tracking and will be live for 7 days after you create your affiliate link.

How do I create an affiliate link?

You can create an affiliate link by using the affiliate link generator. More details in the next section.

How can I track who signs up through my affiliate link?

Once you sign up as an affiliate you'll gain full access to your Affiliate Dashboard which will provide you information on who signed up forWorld Divination Association through your affiliate link. Further information regarding your Affiliate Dashboard in following sections.

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