Lesson 4 - Exercise

I'm going to give you three situations related to grief. The idea is that you come up on your own with three questions that can help the querent for each situation! You can get some inspiration from the handout of the lesson, but it's best if you come up with your own unique questions!

  • A woman has dedicated her life to her family and children, postponing her own goals. Her children have just left for college and she has been found terminally ill and given a couple of years to live. She wants to focus on her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

  • A person who is the only survivor of a collision. They were on the wheel when they lost control and went of the road, as a consequence, querent's nephew passed away. Currently, the querent is unable to shake the feeling that their family hates them.

  • A young person, quite concerned about the way they are dealing with their own grief. Their family doesn't really talk about the unexpected loss of the mother, and your client has been stuck for a while, unable to really cope, and also unable to fully express their grief.

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