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Become a certified Russian Cartomancer today! Within this bundle you receive:

Russian Cartomancy Level 1

Russian Cartomancy Level 2

Russian Cartomancy Level 3

Taught by WDA Master Teacher Dmitry Korolev


The exotic and captivating world of Russian cartomancy is part shrouded in mystery, part permeates the Russian colloquial speech. With such colourful meanings as “the Diamond interest”, “the State King”, or “the married bed with God-knows-whom”, it’s no wonder that this system has been around for two hundred years, and still remains the most widely used method of cartomancy in the kitchens and living rooms of Mother Russia.

In this course you will learn:

* The “suit+number” method of interpretation;

* The characteristics of the four suits;

* Who are the Court cards in the Russian deck and which one is your Significator;

* The easy spreads that will answer your basic questions.


So now you know the meanings of the 36 Russian cards, a few nifty spreads, and plus some folklore to boot? Well, think of it as the first step, an invitation of sorts, for now it’s time to get acquainted with the central spread that’s fascinated the Russian cartomancers for 200 years, the main weapon in every babushka’s arsenal – the Classic Russian Spread!

In this course you will learn:

* All three stages of The Classic Russian - stage by stage, day by day.
* Interesting details of interpretation.
* Plus, a secret bonus spread!


With the secrets of babushkas behind your belt, you must think you’re a seasoned Russian cartomancer now, able to tell any Masha or Dasha their future. Well, what would you say had we told you that there also are some advanced spreads that are obscure, but really effective? Like the exotic Devil’s Mirror Tableau that you only spread on Twelvetide...

In this course you will learn:
* Two stages of interpreting the Devil’s Tableau.
* A spread that can answer your relationship questions.
* And, as always, a bonus spread!


Your Instructor

Dmitry Korolev
Dmitry Korolev

Dmitry Korolev

CRM (Classic Cartomancy) Master Reader and Russian Cartomancy Teacher

Dmitry has been surrounded by cards ever since he was a very young kid. Have you ever seen a toddler wielding a pack of cards? Well, that was him!

Not only were most of his relatives avid card players (and there were dreadful, operatic scandals over the game of Old Maid), but there was also his Grandma who read the playing cards to all her friends, saw moustached Turks in coffee grounds, and vowed never to conduct a seance again after a certain “Napoleon incident” (nobody would ever tell Dmitry what that was!).

Her fascinating spreads, the colloquial meanings, the whole ritual – all of that inspired and introduced Dmitry to cards and traditional, “kitchen table” cartomancy.

Other than playing cards, he has a soft spot for European fortune-telling decks and tasseomancy, as well as occasional pendulum dowsing.”

Join Dmitry and his Russian cartomancy readings in the WDA group on Facebook:

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Courses Included with Purchase

Russian Cartomancy Level 1
Russian Cartomancy Level 1 with Dmitry Korolev
Dmitry Korolev
Russian Cartomancy Level 2
Russian Cartomancy Level 2 with Dmitry Korolev
Dmitry Korolev
Russian Cartomancy Level 3
Russian Cartomancy Level 3 with Dmitry Korolev
Dmitry Korolev

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