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*STARTING 18 September 2023*


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Do you want to find your spiritual path and are not sure where you are or how you progress? Toni Savory has designed and tested this system especially for you. Students around the world have been developing with this course for over 20 years and the results are tangible!

To do this you will use a variety of methods (21 Lessons!) to audit your current position and ascertain how to place you firmly in your development plan and focus on opening up an expanded universe to you.

Practical techniques to access your:




Energetic Work

Psychic Abilities

Healing Power

Please note - this does require work on your side! You will have to complete exercises and work hand in hand with my instructions, if you do a world of astral travelling and healing others will be open to you.


Join me today and start your Psychic Development with a roller coaster ride 21 x Lessons Programme split over 10 months

No refunds after commencement of programme.

Module 1

Meditation is the key to all spiritual avenues. Many students struggle with meditation because they have not been guided on their path or become agitated when trying to meditate. Monoideaism and visualisation are important tools on this journey.

Lesson 1 Guided Meditation

You will receive a video to listen to – we will then discuss how your practices can be honed.

Lesson 2 Grounding

We start with the basics of having your two feet firmly on the ground! The question is - do you need to ground or fly?

Lesson 3 Chakra Suspension

A reboot for your system!

Lesson 4 Cleansing & Attunement

Time to clean your energies.

Lesson 5 Four Winds Channeling

An introduction to elemental channeling.

Module 2

Mediumship is the art of communicating with spirits. As a medium we have to understand the spirits with which we work with and the different types of essences we can channel. During this week you will be closely monitoring your thought processes and understanding when the voices you hear are you, or another guiding force

Lesson 6 Who can we channel? 

What kind of spirit can we channel?

Lesson 7 Spirit Guides 

How to find your spirit guides & Mirror Exercise

Lesson 8 Angels & Higher Realm 

Do they have time for us?

Lesson 9 Passed Loved Ones 

How to channel passed loved ones.

Module 3

We now understand with whom we can speak or gain insight, but how do we go about the art of listening for messages? Can you hear directly? The exercises in these lessons prepare you to hear and listen for spirit. Using different methods and tools to gather messages we can start to pass on information!

Lesson 10 Listening 

It sounds quite simple but quieting the mind and listening who is within is a tricky task.

Lesson 11 Dowsing & Mediumship 

Hone your listening with a pendulum

Lesson 12 Cards & Mediumship

Using cartomantic systems to channel.

Lesson 13 Automatic Writing 

Simple techniques to export information.

Module 4

Intuition is not a subject I teach first. This is because a medium must have the basic operation of their energies and a good understanding of a system of mediumship before relying on intuition. Intuition is an added cherry on the top of any technique and it is important that you work on your systems and energies before taking this step.

Lesson 14 Clearing Energies 

Detecting your energetic weaknesses

Lesson 15 Symbols 

Detecting the Symbols you need.

Lesson 16 Creating a Space 

Intuitive spaces and how they can help your intuitive process.

Lesson 17 Audits 

Simple techniques to extract information from a sitter.

Module 5

Psychic life shoots us in many directions to suit our life’s plan. The steps in our final months are to boost your psychic life using the techniques we have learned so far and adding an attunement that will roller coaster you into your perfect journey.

Lesson 18 Healing 

Spiritual Healing techniques for a better psychic life.

Lesson 19 Protecting 

Protecting yourself and others.

Lesson 20 Toni Puhle Attunement 

Meditation to download a spiritual attunement created to enhance your psychic abilities.

Lesson 21 Water of Life 

Blessing and Anointing Boost your life with these simple steps.

Your Personal Journey

This course includes a private group for all Psychic Development members, you will walk hand in hand with others on the same path and form a direction that is unique to you. The Course includes:

  • Cartomancy
  • Divination
  • Radiesthesia
  • Healing
  • Feng Shui
  • Symbols
  • Mediumship
  • Channelling
  • Automatic Writing
  • Meditation
  • Energetic Cleansing

And so so much more....

every development process will differ.

Lesson Plan

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  Module 1 Meditation - Spiritual Roots
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  Geek Beach Movement 1
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  Module 2 - Spirit
Available in days
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  Geek Beach Movement 2
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  Module 3 - Mediumship
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  Geek Beach Movement 3
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  Module 4 - Intuition
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  Geek Beach Movement 4
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  Module 5- Psychic Life
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  Geek Beach Movement 5 - Final Movement
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  What happens next?
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Toni Savory @thecardgeek

Toni has been a developing psychic and medium for over 30 years, trained and certified in many modalities. Toni is author of The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Cards, deck creator and Founder of the World Divination Association. Join her on your development journey and never look back!